Natural Connections

Wendi Leigh

7 Sept 2023

There is a recognised need to consider and create new narratives about how humans and the environment relate to one another. (UNSW, 2012).

There is a primordial attempt on humanity’s part to understand and live in harmony with the beauty and wonder of creation, and Wendi Leigh expresses this in objective imagery. The inspiration that man can draw from nature is endless, and this body of work shows just some of the interactions that we have with the naturalistic side of our instincts. From one perspective, Wendi’s act of sharing her living space with intelligent birds like Magpies emanated from her general love since childhood, while from another, it may be theorized that her nurturing of animal companions, as if they were her pets, bolstered her love for fauna -and nature in general- by driving a very intimate connotation into all lifeforms she was exposed to.

Her work also embodies the personal need to bring hope and joy to the viewer in an otherwise dysfunctional world.

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