Stepping into View

Susan Heslin & Vicki Bosworth

4 June - 31 July (Extended)

Susan and Vicki met 10 years ago while studying at The Julian Ashton Art School at The Rocks in Sydney. The training was tremendous and the camaraderie between students and teachers was also another of the positive aspects of studying there. Since leaving Ashton’s, they have moved in different artistic directions. This exhibition has both Vicki and Susan ‘ Stepping into View’ offering a view of the exciting contrast in the paintings you see before you.

‘The practice of still life painting can feel like a time traveller’s journey to me. While decisions on the choice of objects or ‘ players ‘ can seem mysterious, whisperings from their different worlds lead me through layers of meaning and connections. These influences are very important to my practice. They provide the impetus for my imagination to wander freely, allowing the exploration and developing of ideas for each new composition’ Susan Heslin

‘I like the idea of recycling materials and giving them a new life. I love how the meaning of an image forms a new meaning in a collage, where print is reduced to becoming a tone. With my still life works I aim to simplify and flatten the forms. I am very influenced here by Japanese art. My chief interest is in the shapes and composition’ Vicki Bosworth

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