Renee Mitchell

Nocturnal… those things that go bump in the night! Mitchell explores the beauty behind the sounds of the wild under the moonlight. Nocturnal showcases two styles of works coming together in two common themes, Nocturnal Animals and black and white.

Across the two styles, Mitchell carefully selected characters for their expression and movement, as much as their sleeping habits. In her scratch series of works, they are drawn in a rapid, expressive semi continuous line work in pen on paper (otherwise known as scribble). Her over extended lines help to capture a sense of the life and movement from the creatures.

The second style are acrylic or ink paintings in black and white. In some of these works Mitchell has added repetitive shapes and symbols not typical in wildlife portraits (diamonds on the deer, triangles on a cat, or naïve feather shapes amongst fluffy lifelike feathers on the owl), in others she has included bling, where the animals are adorned in bling, created in gold, silver and bronze leaf. Each in different styles of jewellery (crowns, earrings, necklaces, bangles and charm bracelets) as a form of (Mitchell’s idea) self-expression of the animals.

Between the two formats, Renee Mitchell creates a modern take on the traditional portrait in a show as subtle as it is striking.

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