Out of Africa - Ceramics and Wildlife Drawings

Love Art Ceramics & Renee Mitchell

From March 30th

Ceramics by Love Art Ceramics (Soweto S. Africa) – Wildlife drawings by Renee Mitchell

Love Art Ceramics Southern Africa has a long history of conservation and of its various peoples living mostly in harmony with nature and with the extraordinary diversity of its fauna and flora. It is an unforgettable experience for those who have been in the wild and have had a unique experience of Africa. Through their talent, Love Art decided to transmit such beauty and magic into clay and intricate paintings.

Renee Mitchell  My work is expressive, semi continuous lines, scribble even. I am moved to create in this way as I feel the stagnant photographs I reference from as moving, breathing, and vibrating with life. The power of African animals called to me to recreate with this hum of energy on paper.

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