Ann Morton

12 Nov - 12 Dec 2022

Ann has worked all her life as an artist, with many solo and joint exhibition, although each painting takes such an investment of time it is hard to save paintings for a show. Her works are represented in collections all over the world and, although not often entering competitions, she has been hung in exhibitions such as The Archibald portrait prize, the Sporting Archibald the Portia Geach portrait prize,  the Doug Moran Portrait Prize, the Art Renewal Centre Salon to name a few.

Each work is painted primarily from life, to capture the true colour and elusive detail that characterise each surface. Working with both natural and artificial light sources, and manipulating lost and found edges, Ann sculpts the composition and directs your eye into the painting. The point is the work must speak to you. Look into the details! Enjoy the colours! Then look at it from across the room! In different lights! The works take hours, days, sometimes months to produce. They are works to invite contemplation, even meditation.

The exhibition is part of TWO+ONE with Glenn Morton and Greg Daly.

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